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The New Eudemons Screenshot Contest Begins!

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Jun 19 2009 01:00:40

Attention EO Players,

The Divine Path Screenshot Contest ended on Jun.13th. We've received hundreds of fabulous submissions. They all look great! Definitely it would be a tough job for the judges to pick the winners! However, we will bring up the list within a week! And we will post the top 20 screenshots on the official site! Here, we would like to say thank you to all the participants! Thank your for your support!

Meanwhile, as you know, EO just released the 4 little Cattles last month, and the first 2 Astral Eudemons, Aries Cardy & Aries Muba will be with us in game since Jun.15th. Therefore, a new run of screenshot contest will be started to celebrate their arrivals! The event will be hosted from Jun.15th to Jul.15th. If you missed the last contest, make sure you don't miss it out this time!

Duration: Jun.15th - Jul.15th

Prizes: 270 PPs (10 Players)

1. The submissions must comply with the subjects of Cattle Eudemons and Aries Eudemons.
2. The images must be complete size screenshots.
3. All the entries must be named in the format of cattle-xxxx (e.g. DS-windwalk) or Aries-xxxx.
4. When submitting, select "Contest" as the screenshot category.

The name of the entries MUST be in the required format and the screenshot category MUST be "Contest". Otherwise, the submission will fail to show in our system.

More exciting events coming up soon!