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Demon Rising - EO Expands This Winter

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As reality and fantasy are endlessly intertwined, so light and darkness are eternally bond to the other. None under the almighty sun shall stand alone.

-------- Elysium Proverb

It's been a year since the collapse of the Demon Empire. Parties were still held across Cronus to celebrate the victory of humanity. Everywhere, people drank and danced deep into the night. No one noticed the cloud of darkness meandering out of the farthest corner of the continent and moving towards the capital. Its movement was slow but sure, and its darkness intensified with each second passed and each inch gained.

Then came the night, the giant crystal crucifix of Saint Laurent Church de Cronus was discovered hanging upside-down with the bodies of the twelve priests guarding the holy crucifix nailed to the four walls of the antechamber with massive bone spurs. Blood drenched what was a holy sanctuary...

They are back! The Demons are back! Terrified, the populace of Cronus tried desperately to find somewhere to hide, but no where was outside demonic reach.

What are they coming back for? How did they make it? Shouldn't they have been exterminated by Agress the Great and his invincible army? None has the answer.

Death, like the grip of the devil, grasped people's throat and crept along Cronus in the silence of fear.

Unprecedented disasters began raging all over the continent. Locusts, floods, hurricanes, and plagues ran rampant over the land and brought Cronus to its knees.

Again, darkness fell upon this land of promise.

Demon has risen! Beware!

Will you, my hero, stand against the Abyss and put an end to this living hell...?