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We Have Every Reason to Be Vampire!

* Source: Official * Views: * Date: Jun 27 2011 01:07:26

EO's eagerly awaited new expansion, the Edge of Night, gets more and more and more drool worthy every time it's on display! The latest new class, the Vampire, will be EO's fourth playable class and the most exciting one!

  1. Brand new outfits and weapons: Newly added vampire style garments and the Vampire's specially designed dual weapons will change how you see things, and bring you an incredibly new gaming experience.

  2. Distinctive Sacrifice System: The Sacrifice System is specially designed for the Vampire Eudemon, the Blood Soul! This new system will bring you easier and faster composing, giving you more time to feed on the living!

  3. Class Competition: As a class specialized in PvP, the Warrior was seemingly unbeatable. Ever since the beginning, the Flying Chop skill has been an overwhelming force in EO's PvP. Players would complain that the Warrior was too powerful, but with the arrival of the Vampire and its special skills, it seems the Warrior will have his work cut out for him!

  4. Exclusive Mount: The "Ghostly Horse" is a unique feature of the Vampire. It can be summoned only by the Vampire skill "Soul Steed". It's designed to showcase the noble, yet ghoulish, appearance of the Vampire.

  5. Mighty Skills: Although the Vampire has many unique skills, using them is not complicated at all! Even a new player will be able to master it in a short amount of time, just through a little practice! But a small learning curve doesn't mean they'll be useless, as the Vampire skills will bring another storm to PvP!

With all these great things coming up, how can you afford to miss out? We'll see you on June 30th!