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Dragon Ozachy Only Available from Feb. 11th - 29th

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Finally, the Dragon Year has arrived! And with it comes the incredible new flying mount – Dragon Ozachy! Just like the Phoenix, the Dragon is also a typical lucky and auspicious creature in Chinese culture. However, the Dragon is considered the highest-ranking animal in the group, which was strongly associated at one time with the emperor, to stand for his power and majesty.

Dragon Ozachy looks bigger and bolder than the Immortal Phoenix. It comes from a mysterious world, with his whole body made up of cold blue crystal, making him elegant and enigmatic. Imagine yourself riding on this beautiful flying mount, traveling between the skies and earth, striking fear and awe into the hearts of your enemies!

Dragon Ozachy is only available from Feb. 11th - Feb. 29th in the Shopping Mall. You'll never get the chance to get a flying mount with such splendor and magnificence after this promotion. Seize this opportunity, and taste the feeling of standing out from the other heroes of Cronus!