Manual Patching

Auto-patching Manual Patching

If the auto-patching does not work for you, you can download and install the necessary patches manually. The manual patch download will also be faster than the auto-patching process.

1) To check the location of your Eudemons Online folder, just right click on the Eudemons Online Shortcut on the desktop, then click "Properties"

2) Click on "Find Target" to access the "Eudemons Online" folder

3) Right click on the desired patch on this page, then click "Save Target As..."

4) Select "Eudemons Online" Folder, then Click on "Save"

5) When the download is finished, click on "Close"

6) Access the " Eudemons Online folder", then double click on the downloaded patch to install it.

7) If you have downloaded 2 or more patches, please install them in version order. For example, install 1053 first, then 1054 and 1055, and so on.

After your client is updated to the latest version, you will be connected to the login screen.

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