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Havoc in Heaven

Havoc in Heaven Smash Golden Egg I am Monkey King




Havoc in Heaven


Dec. 29th , 2018 – Jan. 4th,2019


All server


Level 90+


No limit



Key Item

Name:DeepSea Magic Iron
Collecting 100DeepSea Magic Irons to forge 1 Golden Cudgel. It will be expired after Jan 7th, 23:59.


Name: Sage Envoy Feleo
Function:Event introduction

Detail walkthrough

1.During Dec. 29th to Jan. 4th, Level 90+ heroes can challenge the heaven arena once a day. There are 100 soldiers in 100 floors of heaven arena. You can defeat them to win rewards.

2.You can choose to challenge by yourself, or you can also invite one friend with you.

3.When you enter first floor, click scroll and it will take you to first floor.


 4.When you go to each floor, use the statue there to summon the soldier. There is one soldier in each floor (every 5 floor is elite soldier and every 10 floor is super soldier. The rest soldiers are normal)


5.After you summon the soldier, the only thing you need to do is kill it in time. (3 minutes in Floor 1-50 and 5 minutes in Floor 51-100.), or you will fail in challenge.


6.Every 10 floors are counted as a stage. If you can complete floor 1th to 4th in each stage within 2 minutes then you can jump to 5th floor and complete in 1 minute, then you can jump to 10th floor


7.If you jump floor, you can claim the floor reward you jump through current floor.

8.You can get extra item, like Red Stone, Star Drop in every 10 floor and kill super soldier.


9.You can check you today rank or yesterday rank through NPC. It depends on the floor you pass.


10.If you are in top 10 in a day, you can get different one day light effect through NPC.