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I am Monkey King

Havoc in Heaven Smash Golden Egg I am Monkey King




I am Monkey King


Dec. 29th , 2018 – Jan. 4th,2019


All server


Level 90+


No limit



Key Item

Name: Monkey King Token
Use it to enter Great Sage Warehouse during New Years day event. It will be expired after Jan 4th.

Detail walkthrough

1.During Dec. 29th , 2018 – Jan. 4th,2019, if you have Monkey King token, you can right click it and enter Great Sage Warehouse to give out gifts to others.


2.After you enter warehouse, you can invite other to enter. (You cannot be invited in if you are in Cronus Market.)

3.Press F1, you can give out reward. You and people in warehouse can pick up them. You can give out once in ten seconds.

4.Open Great Sage Chest, you have chance to get PPs or Golden Cudgel.

5.During event period, you have chance to get Monkey King Token from Smash Golden Egg.