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2018 Christmas - Huaguo Mountain Battle

Hip Hop Christmas Tree Huaguo Mountain Battle Naughty Snowman Snowball Fighting




Huaguo Mountain Battle


6:00, 14:00, 22:00 every day


Name: Warlike Hero Pack
Introduction:Open to win reward


All server


Level 90+


No limit


Cronus, Huaguo Mountain, Peach Orchard

Key Item

Name: Holy War Seal
Introduction: Use it to activate the guide in the Huaguo War.

Detail walkthrough

During Dec. 20th to 25th,Moloch will attack Huaguo Mountain. There are two stages of the war. The first stage is during 12.20-12.23. The second stage is during 12.24 – 12.25. Moloch is going to attack at 6:00, 14:00 and 22:00.


When you defeat Moloch, it will leave many spoils of war. These item will be sold to all challengers in auction. The items which cannot be sold will be bought by Fiesta Security Officer Reims at lowest price.


If you kill boss successfully and your damage achieve 200,000, you can have extra reward.


After auction, EPs will be sent to heroes by a ratio of rank. The higher your ranking, the more EPs you can get. After auction, EPs Profit will be sent by mail.The EP you can get depends on the damage you caused.




You can check the damage you cause through NPC.