Dual Abyss

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Dual Abyss Rock Cave

The Dual Abyss is controlled by Tanya, the Flame Queen and her sister Regina, the Ice Queen. At first they were fighting against the demons to protect Cronus. Years later, Tanya became tired about the war, and was bewitched by the demons. Then she started to attack her companions. With the help of the Ice Queen, some of them escaped and went to Cronus to seek for help.
Unfortunately, the Ice Queen was deadly injured by her sister. Then the Flame Queen used evil magic to save her sister’s life. Thus, the Ice Queen also became as crazy as her sister. Since then, the Dual Abyss has totally became a terrible hell!
To stop the crazy queens and protect the abyss, brave heroes from Cronus gather together to go to the abyss and survived the ice and flame. At last, they defeated the crazy queens and saved the abyss. The heroes received many elements as a reward.


Requirement: Level 50+
Entrance: Vanier (Cronus, 838,805)
Limitation: 5 members
Final BOSS:Flame Queen Tanya, Ice Queen Regina


1: Flame Queen Tanya 2: Ice Queen Regina
Tanya is good at manipulating flames. She is enthusiastic and capricious, just like the flames. The demons found her weakness and bewitched her. She can summon a lot of Flame Totems in the abyss. If you don’t want to be swallowed by the flames, destroy them as soon as you can! Unlike her twin sister Tanya, Regina is very sensible. She is good at using ice and snow. After Tanya was bewitched, Regina decided to kill her own sister, but she failed and also became evil in the end. Regina will summon Snow Totems to freeze everything in the abyss. You must destroy them as soon as possible.
Dual Abyss Dual Abyss

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