Warriors are the easiest and therefore strongest class, they are limited by their SP - (stamina points), which is their physical power gauge that controls their ability to jump, use Flying Chop or Chain Chop (and God forbid one runs out of SP during an intense battle). Details >>


Mages are blessed with the superior skill of Thunder (which is an EXTREMELY popular PKing skill that Mage Eudemons can learn as well), however, this skill is extremely MP-(Mana Points) draining and cannot be used all the time.
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Shadow Knight

The defenders of the Golden States who was integrated with formidable power of the Dragon Spirit. The spear they wield always smashes all evil wherever it goes.
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Necromancers are good at black magic. They can switch between Necro status and Wizard status. Physical damage will be reduced in Necro status, while in Wizard status, magic attack power will be highly improved.
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Vampires, the dark, mysterious, and beautiful creatures, are good at all kinds of bloody skills. This class is a great combination of strong melee combat and magical support. They have potential for both PvP and team playing.
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In a time before Paladins existed, a group of desenting mages gathered to discover a method of gaining the strength of warriors. They concluded by giving up their souls in an exchange, they could not only gain the power of physical attack, but also cast spells. Details >>