Frost Armor Scroll
This scroll will form a sheet of ice around your body. You will be immune to the hellfire of Caria Fortress.

Boss Name: Hive Queen Deborah

Difficulty: 120 Rank:
Skills: Mute Slime, Acid Spray, Force of Nature, Tentacles of Oblivion, Elite Ergate, Hell Swarm, Blade Claw
Hive Queen Deborah has occupied the Frozen Burrow where she makes it the hatchery for her offspring. The bugs in the Frozen Burrow live on human flesh and blood. The human skeletons and relics in the Frozen Burrow tell it all. She has no regard for human life, caring only for the well being of her demonic progeny.
Caria Key
The Key to Caria Fortress. You need it to find Avenging Alamut.

Boss Name: Defiler

Difficulty: 120 Rank:
Skills: Infernal Flames, Sorcery Bomb, Soul Reaper, Death Sentence
The Defiler used to be a leader of the knight of Cronus before his descent into the Abyss. His name is lost to history. The temptation and fall of the Defiler is considered to one of the greatest success of the Demon Race. The demonic Defiler and his follower knights are the protector of the key to Caria Fortress. They will protect this key with their tainted souls, forever.
Sword Soul
Soul of the Fallen Swordsman Raphael, Raphael's fury at his masters fuels this stone's power.

Boss Name: Fallen Raphael

Difficulty: 120 Rank:
Skills: Arcane Power, Maelstrom Chop, Night Watcher, Soul Extract, Thorn Crust
The most outstanding Swordsman on this continent, Raphael was known for his invincibility and his chivalry on and off the field of battle. After his death, strange signs began appearing around this tomb. The Archmage divined that demonic forces had somehow taken control of Raphael's soul. He is only a puppet to his demonic masters now. May he finally find peace, even if is at the end of a sword.
Lunar Rune
A mysterious stone contains the secret power of the moon. It can cure wounds and rapidly restore HP.

Boss Name: Pack Leader Takoma

Difficulty: 120 Rank:
Skills: Infernal Flames, Sorcery Bomb,Soul Reaper,Death Sentence
Tacoma, the most sagacious wolf king ever to hold the throne, has been reigning over Duskwolf Cliff for hundreds of years before falling under the sway of the Dark Mage-Lord of the demons. The Dark Mage-Lord's curse made him a totally cunning wild animal while giving him an undead body as well as various magical abilities. The legendary Lunar Rune is also in the grasp of the bewitched wolf King.
EP and Super Weapon

Boss Name: Avenging Alamut

Difficulty: 120 Rank:
Skills: Summon Minion, Lava Geyser, Hellfire Strike, Infernal Storm, Demonic Grasp, Lava Barrier
Toughness, iron will and his firm faith in the Gods forged Alamut into an honorable Knight Templar. But pride, injustice and the corruption he saw made him lose his faith in humanity. Alamut turned from the Gods and devoted himself to the Demon cause, vowing to build a new order from the ashes of the old. He dwells deep within Caria Fortress, plotting vengeance against the world that has forsaken him.