cross server tournament

Activity Rules

Starting from July 31st, players of level 101 or above can join the Cross-Server PK Tournament! Can you survive the onslaught? Talk to the envoy, Hercules(249,481) for more details. Rank 6-10 will be placed in alphabetical order.

  • Celebrity PK Tournament
  • Glory PK Tournament
  • Heroes of level 101 or above, and ranked among top 200 in Celebrity Hall can join the Celebrity PK Tournament at 21:00 - 23:59 on each Wednesday! Top 5 heroes all over the world will be rewarded unique Eudemons and Garments!
  • For other level 101+ players, you can cross the server anytime to challenge the heroes from other servers with no rewards.

Rank(updated on May. 8th)

Rank Character Server Level
1 Agent~Orange~ NewYork 150
2 ~Static~ LA/LasVegas 141
3 marco1001 LA/LasVegas 150
4 AvengedSoul NewYork 150
5 ~Aquiles~ NewYork 148
6 Angel~Spirit LA/LasVegas 150
7 DraGonAttAck NewYork 150
8 8eios_Pornos LA/LasVegas 143
9 Powerslash LA/LasVegas 150
10 White_Lily NewYork 138


  • Special Eudemon (Random), Super Moon Box
  • Eden Tale, Supreme Relic Box
  • Holy Relic Box, 30-Star Divine Eud Shard
  • Moon Box, Azure Eudemon Egg (Random)
  • Moon Box, Azure Eudemon Egg (Random)
  • Azure Eudemon Egg (Random)

Special Eudemon