First Eudemon Operation


First Eudemon Summon
Open the Eudemons Interface (ctrl+F), click the 'sum' to summon your eudemons, or you can directly click the 'sum' below the icon of the eudemons on the top of the screen. More
First Eudemon Converge
You can converge with a Eudemon at level 10, 2 at level 15 and 3 by using a GodEudemonStone or completing the 'Summon 3 Eudemons' quest after level 50. Click 'con' and 'dis' to control the operation. More
First Eudemon Evolvement
When your eudemon reaches level 20, the system will give you a notice to evolve it. You can also click the button of 'Evolve' in the Eudemon's interface to evolve it. You have to summon it or dismiss it if it's converging with you.
First Eudemon Composing
There are 5 ways to compose Eudemons: Main Attribute composing, Sub-Attribute composing, Initial Attribute composing, Luck Composing and ID composing. Each time you compose, your Eudemon will gain points or gifts. Eudemon Professor Aderes (Market 319,444) can help to compose your Eudemons. More
First Eudemon Hatch
Drag an egg from your Eudemon bag into the hatchery and it will be hatched in an hour. If you are disconnected during this time, you'll have to rehatch the egg. You can also hatch the eggs in the Eudemons warehouse in each city, which will take 12 hours. Level 50+ players can do batch hatch at the Eudemon Hatcher in the market.
First Eudemon Revivification
Eudemons also will die when you are hunting or pking, to revive them simply kill some monsters. Summon the dead eudemon, it will absorb the soul balls from the monsters you killed. When its life bar is full, it can revive.
Eudemon Skill
In the same manner as you readied your character skills, left click the icon of the skills of Eudemons, put it on the skill column, click the corresponding hotkey to cast the skill. More

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