First Forging


Bonus Upgrading
You need a Yellow Stone to add bonus to the equipment and upgrade it.
Notes: if successful, the bonus will add plus one, or perhaps minus one. (But if your current bonus is 0, it will not decrease even if the upgrading fails.) More
Quality Forging
You need a Red Stone to improve the quality of your equipment. The name of the forger will be recorded in the weapon after every successful quality improvement. If you made a super equipment, your name will be recorded in the weapon and passed around with the weapon in this magic world forever.
High Bonus Forging
High Bonus Forging is for equipment with +9 bonus above level 85. The High Bonus Forger Perez (Market 321.501) can upgrade your equipment from +9 to +12 with Yellow Stones step by step.

The High Bonus Forging may also fail and the bonus may be decreased. But it will not be decreased below 9 even if the forging fails many times.
Equipment Repair
Every shop in Eudemons Online provides the service for normal repair. When the weapon has been worn out completely with 0 Durability, The normal repair can't help it anymore. You will need the special repair. The Special Repair Preston can repair equipment with Durability 0 (Market 97,106), which gives your equipment new life.
First Gem Embedding
When you've got equipment with sockets and gems, you can find Charles at the market (92,99) to embed the gems for you. More
First Gem Combination
The GemSocket Charles at the market (92,99) can do gem combinations for you (make several refined gems into a super one). If you've collected enough gems, ask Charles to do this for you. It's 100% successful. More

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