Eudemons Online - First Pot of Gold


First Trade

Click the [Trade] button (ctrl+B) and your icon will change shape. Roll your icon over the target that you want to trade with and left click. When the trading panel appears, you can input the item or the money. When both parties have clicked the [Agree] button the trade is complete.

First Booth

It's easy to start a booth, find a booth in the Market and click the flag beside it to bring up a frame, place the items in the frame and input the price. If you want to close your booth, click the button of "Close" in the down right corner. You can also input your advertisement in the booth setting frame, which will appear automatically every some time. If you feel bored when you are in the booth, you can click the booth of the other players to check their items.

First Auction

If you don't know the price of your merchandises, you can find the auction NPC in the market. Click on the NPC and then choose the items you want to auction. Input the base price for this item and click "OK".

Occupy the Market

If you are interested in a profitable booth, you can click the shopflag to purchase it. After you pay for it, this booth will belong to you. If you don't have enough gold, you can buy Eudemon Points to purchase. 1 Eudemon Point is equal to 73000 gold.

Deliver the Logs
When you reach level 35, you can learn the 'Delivery' skill from Crona (Cronus 932,889) after you pay her a Violet Stone. Deliver some logs, if you are successful with your deliveries you can earn up to 30 million in gold in an hour. Note that you have only one hour for each delivery, and you can't use any items or get help from NPCs.

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