First PK


First PK
There are altogether five PK modes in the game, you can click corresponding buttons to shift to different PK modes. (The button is right beside the character's avatar).

PK mode: you can attack monsters, your team members and other players.

Team mode: you can attack monsters and other players, but not team members, friends, legion members or allies.

Capture mode: you can attack monsters, black-name and blue-name players.

Peace mode: you can only attack monsters.

Legion mode: you can attack monsters and other player, but not legion members, friends, or allies.

You will get PK points by killing players (except Blue and Black name players). When your PK points are above 100, your name's color will become black. More
First Duel
In Eudemons Online there is Duel System, you can enjoy the fun and excitement of PK. No need to worry about the PK punishment any more. When you want to duel with a player, you can click 'Duel' icon to send your request. After the other player agrees, a duel map will appear for you to perform a duel with him/her. No matter win or lose, your dead eudemons will return to normal status after the duel is over. No PK points for both players. More about Duel.
PK Tournament
The tournament will be held on every Saturday and the first day of each month. Talk to Duke Prania in Cronus (174,416) at 21:00~24:00 pm at that day, and you can join in the tournament. Each champion can get a lot of rewards.

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