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Halloween Quest Guide - Reward Introduction

Reward Introduction Ghost Ball Throws The Netherworld Pumpkin Head Making Spooky Parade


Halloween is coming! Come to join the most enjoyable and wonderful Carnival!

Do you want to know what can you get from this event? Check the picture below!

(Halter·Magic Broom)

(Halter·Sugar Pot)

Except cool Halter, you can also get cute avatar!

Do you want to know how to get them? Let have a check!


Reward Introduction


Oct. 26th to Nov. 4th

Special Reward

Name: Halter·Sugar Pot
Introduction: Ride on this magic broom to fly in the sky!

Name: Halter·Sugar Pot
Introduction: Ride on this lovely pot filled with candies to fly in the sky.
PS: You have chance to get Halter when you open Halloween Magic Box. If you use EPs to open, you can get unbound one. If you use Devil Key, you will get bound one.


Name: Halloween Magic Box
Introduction: It costs 138 EPs or a Devil Key(B) to unlock this magic box from Oct.26 to Nov.4.

Name: Devil Key
Introduction: Each Key can be used to unlock a Halloween Magic Box. Expires on Nov.4.


All server


Level 90+. No limit to open box.

Key Item

Name: Pumpkin Token
Introduction: Special token made for Halloween. You can exchange such tokens with the Mega Pumpkin for gift from Oct.26 to Nov.4.


Name: Halloween Envoy Menga
Location: Cronus(344,394)
FunctionIntroduction, Quest Guide

Name: Pumpkin Store
Location: Cronus(335,380)
FunctionReward Exchange


From Oct.26 to Nov.4, all level 90+ player can look for Halloween Envoy Menga to take part in Cronus Carnival and exchange reward in Pumpkin Store Cronus(335,380)


Take part in event, you can get amazing gift! (Check event in related following guide) uring event period, you have chance to get Halloween Magic Box by killing monsters.


During event period, you can use Pumpkin Token to exchange reward in Pumpkin Store.


From Nov.2 to Nov.4, there is a crazy discount in Pumpkin Store.