History of the Legion Eudemons

Key Words:

Land Relic, Floating Continent, Ancient Civilization, Ancient Eudemon, Earth/Water/Fire/Air Element

Ancient Eudemons Return

A group of mages were seeking a new power that could be used to wage war on the enemies of their kingdom. They had searched almost every corner of the continent, but could not locate anything useful. By chance they somehow found themselves on a strange continent, taking them 3 months to reach its border. Seeing there was ground far below them, they realized it was actually a floating continent.

The mages called it the Alpha Floating Continent, and there they began studying its remarkable history. The ancient Alpha nation had achieved amazing advancements in both science and magic. Unfortunately, they started endless wars and used the weapons that had long been forbidden, the Ancient Eudemons. These creatures summoned from the past had given their wielders incredible power in battle. On the other hand, they also ushered in the destruction of their own lands. On the day of the cataclysm, the land exploded, sending most relics to the bottom of the ocean. But one relic went into the air, forming the hanging continent that was discovered by the mages.

The Alpha people recorded how to leave the Hanging Continent in a magic book. The mages needed to collect the Earth, Water, Fire and Air elements, putting the power of nature into the ancient altar, and then open the Door of Time to return to Cronus.

The returning mages reported to the mage association and suggested they study how to summon and control these ancient Eudemons, disregarding the warnings left by those who had fallen.

After persistent efforts, the mages managed to decode the magic book. They followed the pattern of the ancient altar and built their own Eudemon Towers. With the help of the 4 elements, they opened the Door of Time and summoned the ancient Eudemons to fight with their legions!

Since the stability of the Eudemon Towers was not as strong as that of the ancient altar on the Floating Continent, the summoned Ancient Eudemons lost most of their power when passing through the Door of Time. The mages came up with a proposal to recruit warriors to collect the Earth, Water, Fire and Air elements and upgrade the Eudemons' magic abilities. They were planning to improve the stability of the Eudemon Towers in this way, and fortunately were successful.

Many warriors started their journey to collect the elements, while the Legions shared a common goal: improve the Eudemon Towers at all cost! They knew that whoever had the most powerful Legion Eudemons would be strong enough to conquer the world!

The Door of Time and the 4 Elements

In ancient times, the 4 elements defined the seasons. Water stands for spring, as it moistens everything. Fire indicates summer, with it's hot and stormy weather. Air symbolizes autumn, being windy and fruitful. Earth dominates winter, embracing the creatures of the land with its chill indifference. These elements compose the time stream and history, so controlling them means controlling time, itself!

Once you can discover the potential power of these elements, you can break free and open the Door of Time!