Trumpet of the Legionnaire - Flame Nest

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Collect the Elements
Ghost Graveyard Flame Nest Wind Valley Lake of Life Element Zones

Duration All day
Rewards Fire Elements
Server All servers
Requirement Legion Members (Level 50+)
Limitation None
Location Dragon Nest, Sky Land (178, 261)
Key Items Flame Nest Dragon Slayer
Description: It can be used to smash the Dragon Eggs after absorbing the Dragon Spirits.
Flame Nest Flame Dragon Slayer
Description: Use it to smash the Dragon Eggs. It will fuse into Flame Essence after absorbing enough Flame Particles.
Flame Nest Flame Essence
Description: Freddy can refine it into 5 Fire Elements.
Key NPC Name: Freddy
Function: Introduce the quest; accept the quest and claim rewards.
Location: Sky Land (355, 435)

Brief Walkthrough

1. All Legion members who have reached Level 50 can talk to Atwood (Cronus, 249, 488) to find Freddy (Sky Land, 355, 435) to accept the quest.
2. Enter the Dragon Nest to hunt the Giant Dragons and absorb the Dragon Spirits with the Dragon Slayer. After you receive 5 spirits, the sword will become the Flame Dragon Slayer, and you will be able to smash the Dragon Eggs.
3. When the Flame Dragon Slayer absorbs 5 Flame Particles from the eggs, it will fuse into a Flame Essence.
4. Give the essence to Freddy and claim Fire Elements.

Detailed Walkthrough

The mysterious Sky Land has appeared to the world again. There are plenty of Elements on the land. Freddy has been studying the refining of the Elements for a long time. He will help you if you want to collect the Elements. Talk to Atwood in Cronus to teleport you to Freddy.

Flame Nest

On Sky Land, the Fire Element exists in the Dragon Nest. Before you go there, you'd better talk to Freddy to learn more.

Flame Nest

When you are ready, Freddy will give you a Dragon Slayer. The sword can guide you to the Dragon Nest.

Flame Nest

If you use the sword to kill 5 Giant Dragons and absorb their spirits, it will turn into the Flame Dragon Slayer and will be able to smash the Dragon Eggs.

Flame Nest

What's more, the Flame Dragon Slayer can absorb the Flame Particles of the eggs.

Flame Nest

With 5 Flame Particles, the Flame Dragon Slayer will fuse into a Flame Essence, which contains Fire Elements.

Flame Nest

If you give the Fire Essence to Freddy, he will refine it into 5 Fire Elements for you.

Flame Nest

It's not difficult. All Legion members who have reached Level 50 can do this to help their Legions. Are you ready for it?

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