Flying Mount - Emberheart

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Emberheart Frostwind

Flying Mount - Emberheart

Having been buried for thousands of years, Emberheart was revived from the ancient ruins. With its huge wings, it soars through the sky raining blazing fire anywhere it likes, leaving the world to be engulfed in flames.
When it reaches 10 Stars, you can ride it to travel in the battlefields. 25 Stars are required for mounting in the cities and 35 Stars in the Market. If a mount is ranked as top 1 (any attribute), only 10 Stars are required for mounting it in the Market and cities. Flying Mounts will not be able to fly until they have matured at 50 Stars. Their flight speed is 1.7 times the player’s walking speed.
Initial Stats Value Notes
Max HP 290 Growth Of Initial Stats
It is born with full Initial Attributes.
Min P-atk 95
Max P-atk 99
Max P-def 99
Min M-atk 0
Max M-atk 0
Max M-def 56
Major Stats Value Notes
Max P-def 27.5 Growth Of Major Stats
Compose with the eligible minor eudemons of the same type to get random growth. Use Eudemon Clovers to get the best effects. UniversalO and UniversalXO can be the minor eudemon in any major composing. The growth limit may be broken through by constantly composing major stats.

[Major Composing]
Minor Stats Value Notes
Min P-atk 22 Growth Of Minor Stats
It is born with full sub-Attributes.
Max P-atk 33
Max HP 62.5
Max M-def 12.5
Min M-atk 0
Max M-atk 0
Misc Value Notes
Max Luck 200 Luck ComposingID Composing
Thunder +100
Rarity 50

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