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Eudemon Profile - Mage Eudemon

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Mage Eudemon – Aurora

The unicorn known as Aurora always appears with a gorgeous light show at the edge of paradise, which is seen as an omen of blessing. Only the noblest soul can capture and control the limitless power of this creature.

Mage Eudemon – Dragon Ian

Born in an icy pool, Dragon Ian has blue scales and glittering wings that are covered with a chilly frost. These icy traits sparked myths of a ghost fire that is seen lingering in the air from all corners of Cronus, causing even the strongest soldier to warily eye the skies above.

Mage Eudemon – Fantasy Emissary

The Fantasy Emissary has its mighty power sealed away while in deep sleep, awaiting a brave warrior to challenge its dominance. Once it is awakened, it will let no enemy escape their destiny of death.

Mage Eudemon – Hades Heir

After the seemingly endless torturous soul training, the Hades Heir is born. With a past erased and the future abandoned, they seek only the pain of the innocent. Left on its own, it roams the land and spreads the fear of Hades all over the world.

Mage Eudemon – Ophir

People, even with the coldest hearts, can hardly deny Ophir's beautiful music. If you take Ophir on your adventures, you will surely be blessed by her magical power.

Mage Eudemon – Panda Pantica

Panda Pantica was once a pirate, carrying on his dream of traveling the world on his ship, the Dark Circle. After so many years on the sea, he is no longer just a normal panda. In order to become stronger, he has come to Cronus to find the great master and learn the ancient ways of war!

Mage Eudemon - Callandra

Callandra's blue wings and its mild temper can always touch one's heart. As long as it makes up the mind, there is nothing it cannot do to protect its master.

Mage Eudemon - Minarra

Covered by a strange aura, Minarra is elegant and beautiful. He is waiting for a brave master to fight for a new future!

Mage Eudemon - Fairy Vanya (Aug. 5th - Aug 14th, 2011)

Born in the light of the Love Shine, this cute fairy is always seen near its owner, like a loving friend. Just don't get in its way when their owner is in danger!

Mage Eudemon - Jazzy Rabbit

It is a magic wielding rabbit with a strong sense of justice and what is right. Each player can summon up to 2 of them, at most.

Mage Eudemon - Rabbit Lori

It is pure, smart, and cute, but filled with a powerful magic that will never let you down in a pinch!Each player can summon up to 2 of them, at most.

Mage Eudemon - Snow Tiger

Snow-white hair and a proud expression are its trademarks. Its main attribute is seen in its incredible magic!

Mage Eudemon - Cute Tiger

Don't be duped by its pink color and cute face! It has powerful magic powers, which will bring the biggest enemies to their knees!

Mage Eudemon - Happy Cattle

It has big and bright eyes. Numerous training makes it strong and powerful. Its main attribute is fantastic magic.

Mage Eudemon - Joy Cattle

The cutest and the most beautiful Eudemon. Through the reborn trial, it becomes mystical and obtains fabulous magic.

Mage Eudemon - Imogen

Imogen is a fine mouse who loves experimenting with magic. While her all around defense is good, her magic attacks are far stronger than her physical ones.

Mage Eudemon - Benvolio

Benvilio is a studious and serious mouse, whose specialties include defense against magic, defense against physical attacks and an effective blasting technique!

Mage Eudemon--Valkyrie

The valkyrie is both beautiful and deadly. Versed in the magic of destruction she is more than willing to unleash her spells upon her enemies.

Mage Eudemon--Sizzle

Sizzles look terribly cute, until they fry their enemies with their destructive magical prowess!

Mage Eudemon - Blood Phantom

These mysterious mages have mastered the art of blood letting through magic. Be wary of their magical wiles.

Mage Eudemon - Blood Sage

Blood Sages are knowledgeable, elegant and attractive and their spells never fail to impress.

Mage Eudemon - Hellfire Pike

These Mage Eudemons can be Composed with other Eudemons of the same type, UniversalO or UniversalXO. They are allowed to learn Mage Eudemon skills. You may pay 9 EPs to buy one from the shopping mall (Market 281,474).

Mage Eudemon - Shadow Mage Liz
This Attack+Defense Mage Eudemon can be Composed with other Eudemons of the same type, UniversalO or UniversalXO. They are allowed to learn Mage Eudemon skills. You may pay 9 EPs to buy one from the shopping mall (Market 281,474).

Mage Eudemon - Mage DoDo
This legendary Eudemon is so cute and rare. It will be your best friend.

Mage Eudemon - Attack + defense

Mages often summon these to fight against the monsters. With common attack and defense, but easy to raise. All monsters may drop these eggs. It's also a free gift to a new mage. Its eggs are very very cheap.

Mage Eudemon - M-attack
Strong in magical attack. The best attack support for PK. Quick to level up. Its eggs are very cheap. Good for new mages.

Mage Eudemon - M-defense
Strong in magical defense. Necessary support for PKing mages. Easy to obtain its eggs from the monsters outside of the Elven City.

Mage Eudemon - MageGos
Similar to Attack + Defense mage Eudemons. Its rarity causes it to be born with 4+ stars. Good for training a new mage and great for fighting against monsters higher than you. Easy to train it to high stars. This cute Eudemon is very popular.

Mage Eudemon -MageTinna
Strong in magical attack, but witha wide range of min and max attack. Its rarity makes it born with 3 stars or so.

Mage Eudemon - Mage Pipy (Love Fall)
Similar tothe Attack + Defense mage Eudemon, but its physical and magical defense can grow faster. Its eggs can be obtained through events such as the Love Fall. This cute Eudemon is a perfect gift for your sweetheart.

Mage Eudemon - Mage Peppy (Love Fall)
Similar to Attack + Defense Warrior Eudemon, but both physical and magic defense can grow. Its eggs can be obtained through some events, such as Love Fall. This cute eudemon is absolutely a perfect gift to your sweetheart.

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