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Flying Mount - Jade Wyvern

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Ember Wyvern Jade Wyvern

Flying Mount - Jade Wyvern
Enemies will flee in terror when it appears! It has powerful wings and sharp talons as its weapons. The wind is your ally, as you fly at amazing speeds when riding it!
When it reaches 10 stars, you can ride it onto the battlefield. 25 stars are required for riding inside cities, and 35 stars in the Market. If a mount is ranked as top 1 (any attribute), only 10 stars are required for riding in the Market and cities. After it reaches 50 stars, you can ride on it and fly in the sky. Flying is 1.7 times faster than walking.
Initial Stats
Max HP 290

Growth Of Initial Stats
Compose with high-initial-stats eudemons to get 80% initial stats from the balance between Minor Eudemon and major eudemon

[Initial Composing]

Min P-Atk 20
Max P-Atk 30
Max P-Def 18
Min M-Atk 79
Max M-Atk 99
Max M-Def 92
Major Stats Value Notes
Max M-Def 22.5 Growth Of Major Stats
Compose with the eligible minor eudemons of the same type to get random growth. Use Eudemon Clovers to get the best effects. UniversalO and UniversalXO can be the minor eudemon in any major composing. The growth limit may be broken through by constantly composing major stats.

[Main Composing]
Minor Stats
Max HP 62.5

Growth Of Minor Stats
Compose with the higher-growth eudemons to get 75% minor stats from the balance between minor eudemon and major eudemon.

[Minor Composing]

Min P-Atk 5
Max P-Atk 7.5
Min M-Atk 19
Max M-Atk 28.5
Max P-Def 4.5
Luck 200 Luck Composing, ID Composing
Thunder +100
Rarity 290