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Eudemon - Eudemon Notebook

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As your eudemons grow stronger and stronger, you will achieve more and more training experience. Once you get enough training experience, your training skill will reach the next level. The more eudemons you train, the more training experience and skill you will get.

Can you benefit from your eudemons` training experience? Of course! Once your training skill has reached level 70, you can buy a Eudemon Notebook from the shopping mall. Then, you can open it to convert your training experience into the notebook. After you have completed it, it will become a valuable Eudemon Book. You can either send it to a friend as a great gift or sell it to earn a lot of money. You can buy Eudemon Notebooks to make as many Eudemon Books as you want.

What can the readers benefit from your Eudemon Books? They will gain eudemon training experience by using these books. Moreover, there is no limitations on the book`s usage. The readers can use your Eudemon Books for as many times as they want. Likewise, there is no limitations on the character`s level and eudemon training experience. All players can use your training books to gain training experience. Since a high training skill can bring you the extreme excitement of victory and high profits, hurry to train your eudemons as hard as possible.

Have fun and enjoy writing Eudemon Notebooks!