Eudemons Online

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On this mythic land, a group of creatures had sacrificed their lives to Necromancers to gain the everlasting power. Through the black magic, Necromancers turned them into a group of formidable and vicious creatures with eternal life. They think that at some unknown but necessary moment, they need to summon these creatures from a mysterious gate.

Both of the necro creature and Eudemon can be a great help to you in combat. They are similar in training and summoning, but the necro creatures are extremely loyal to Necromancers and cannot be traded to others.

There are a group of 8 necro creatures with 1 – 30 Stars in the Necro Realm. To unlock and summon a desirable creature, you need to spend some Sacrifice Points, and also meet the requirements on your Necro Realm Level, Character Level, and Necro Book Phase or Necro Spirit Level.

You can sacrifice any kind of Eudemons to get Sacrifice Points. The higher the Star Level of the Eudemon is, the more Sacrifice Points will get. Sacrifice Points can be used to summon various necro creatures from the Necro Realm.

Necro Realm is the key way to summon necro creatures to assist you in the battles, and the easy way to compose your Eudemons. You can sacrifice any kind of Eudemons for Sacrifice Points, and spend the points summoning necro creatures. These creatures can also be used as Minor Eudemons for composing. This is how a self-produce and self-use circle of Eudemon training formed.

Necromancer Sacrifice System


As a new and special class in Cronus, Necromancers are famous for their summoning spells. They also have their own composing way. They separate their spirit from body, and they take their body as a unique Eudemon to go through sacrificing.

Necro Spirit

Necro Spirits are permanently converged with the Necromancers, and their attributes can only be improved through the Sacrifice.

No Minor Eudemon Restriction

There is no restriction on the type of the Minor Eudemons. Any kind of Eudemons can be used as the minor one to sacrifice, including the necro creatures summoned from the Necro Realm.

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      Level: 1

      Icy Robe

      Defense: 19
      M-Defense: 18


Necromancers have remarkable summoning skills, who can switch between 'Wizard' and 'Necro' status. There are different skills for different status.

Reduce Physical Damage
In Necro Status, the physical damage can be reduced to a certain degree. The damage reduction varies according to the level.
Improve Magic Attack
In Wizard status, Necromancers can gain extra magic power. The power varies according to the level.
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Soul Curse
Level 3
Cause 75 M-damage on a single target.

Wheel Curse
Level 5
XP skill. Give fatal attacks to a single target.

Sandy Dragon
Level 14 (Wizard Status)
Summon the Sandy Dragon. Has 35% chance to give 3 attacks in a row and cause a great deal of P-damage. The Sandy Dragon will disappear if the caster moves far away.

Abyss Evil
Level 14 (Necro Status)
Summon an Abyss Evil with 2.3x HP. Gives continuous P-attacks for up to 10 minutes.

Night Explosion
Level 30
XP Skill. Cause fatal M-damage on nearby targets.

Wizard Of Death
Level 37 (Wizard Status)
Summon the Wizard of Death who gives the caster +3% HP every 2 seconds and revives the caster if dead. Cool down: 30 seconds. The Wizard of Death will disappear if the caster moves far away.

Hell Bat
Level 37 (Necro Status)
Summon a Hell Bat with 2.7x HP to cause 20x P-damage every 30 seconds. Last for 10 minutes, at most.

Curse Storm
Level 44
Cause 120% of M-damage on nearby targets for 5 seconds.

Soul Split
Level 52
Give 4 attacks in a row and cause 900% of M-damage on a single target.

Hades Saint
Level 57
Summon the Hades Saint. Deals 150% M-damage and has 20% chance to freeze targets for 3 seconds. The Hades Saint will disappear if the caster moves far away.

Wizard Of Soul
Level 57 (Necro Status)
Reduce a single targets attack by 20% each 40 seconds, and increase the target's damage received by 10% for 30 seconds. Last for 10 minutes, at most.

Dragon Dance
Level 60
XP Skill. Attack the nearby enemies.