Beginner's Guide - Necromancer(Advanced)

Eudemons Online Beginner's Guide.

Necromancer is a brand new class, in succession to Warrior, Mage, Paladin and Vampire. Thousands of years ago, they defeated demons and mysteriously disappeared after the war. It was because of the war that Necromancers became known and received recognition. Years passed by, people never forgot them. As World Tree occurs, heroes work together with the magic association and finally manage to bring back Necromancers from the Hollow Gap! Necromancer show up with a brand-new appearance and sexy figures. These are the unstoppable Necromancers!

(Level 1-35)
(Level 36-65)
(Level 65-80)
(Level 80-100)
(Level 100-135)

Advanced (Level 65-80)

Ask the Teleporter to send you to the Elven City. Go out of the city and walk toward the harbor in the southwest. The waves are gently lapping at your toes, and you're standing on a white sandy beach, overlooking an azure ocean. "Am I in paradise?" you ask, rubbing your eyes to discover that you have been sent to the Island! Compared to the Dark Mash, the Island is like paradise. But there are no angels here, instead, ferocious creatures are roaming everywhere.
Fish Demons and Dinotheres are a quick way to level up. You can also challenge the Ax Demon on the right side of the island, to work your way up to Level 80.

Necromancer (Novice)

Tip: You can go to the Island via Teleporter Pamela (286,430) or Minnie (323,416) in Cronus City, if you have reached Level 70.

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