Beginner's Guide - Necromancer(Controller)

Eudemons Online Beginner's Guide.

Necromancer is a brand new class, in succession to Warrior, Mage, Paladin and Vampire. Thousands of years ago, they defeated demons and mysteriously disappeared after the war. It was because of the war that Necromancers became known and received recognition. Years passed by, people never forgot them. As World Tree occurs, heroes work together with the magic association and finally manage to bring back Necromancers from the Hollow Gap! Necromancer show up with a brand-new appearance and sexy figures. These are the unstoppable Necromancers!

(Level 1-35)
(Level 36-65)
(Level 65-80)
(Level 80-100)
(Level 100-135)

Controller (Level 80-100)

The Icy Land is a land blanketed in snow and ice. The mobs here are even more fearsome than the impossible weather! Ice Demons are hiding out in the northwest corner of the map.

Necromancer (Novice)

As you grow up, it will take longer to upgrade your character level. But there are still some ways, for example, getting better outfits, teaming up with other players, making use of God's Blessing, taking on more apprentices, using EXP Balls, and many others to be found!
After the Ice Demons have been killed, you can turn to the Yetis and Ice Orcs. Also, you are recommended to talk to Tinna (351,317) to enter the Icy Palace, where you can gain bonus EXP, until you reach Level 90.
Return to the Island and Herman's (1017,1039) boat, which will bring you to the Volcano.

Necromancer (Novice)

When reaching the Volcano, you can go hunt the Four Teeth, Fire Genesis, and Scorpions. If you are brave, you can accept the challenges in the adventure zones!

Pay 2 million Gold to Sinclaire, and he will teleport you to the Lost Land, where you can find Lost Sirens, Berserkers and Silent Knights. You can level up to 100, there.

By the way, when a Mount reaches Star Level 10, you can ride them into battle! It's a good helper when leveling up, delivering logs, and hunting for the bigger bosses!

Necromancer (Novice)

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