Beginner's Guide - Necromancer(Instructor)

Eudemons Online Beginner's Guide.

Necromancer is a brand new class, in succession to Warrior, Mage, Paladin and Vampire. Thousands of years ago, they defeated demons and mysteriously disappeared after the war. It was because of the war that Necromancers became known and received recognition. Years passed by, people never forgot them. As World Tree occurs, heroes work together with the magic association and finally manage to bring back Necromancers from the Hollow Gap! Necromancer show up with a brand-new appearance and sexy figures. These are the unstoppable Necromancers!

(Level 1-35)
(Level 36-65)
(Level 65-80)
(Level 80-100)
(Level 100-135)

Instructor (Level 100-135)

You are now Level 100! It's time to switch your equipment and enhance your Battle Power!
Now, leveling is not your primary concern. You may have already noticed that BattlePower means everything in battle. Strong Eudemons, the quality of your equipment, rank in your Legion, your title and your family are all factors that influence your Potency on the field
The Cata Maze is the final place for you to train your character. Talk to Amalisi in the Lost Land and pay 500,000 Gold to travel there.
You may have created your own legion or been playing an important role in one, already. If you haven't, now would be a good time to ask around and locate a Legion that could use a new member! You'll find that having friends around will help you get things done faster, as well as have your back when you need a hand!
If you are the head of a family and enjoy fighting together with your other members, why not take part in a Family War?
Maybe you are wish to look the part of a true king? You can begin preparations on having a Castle of your own!
And you shouldn't miss the Trivia Contest to show your wisdom and earn some extra Exp!
Good luck and safe travels in the Eudemons world! Your legend awaits!

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