Beginner's Guide - Vampire (Novice)

Eudemons Online Beginner's Guide

Called the Night Walkers, they are ancient nobles who have been long forgotten by time. They are posh, pale, have dark eyes and beautiful figures. These are the legendary Vampires!

(Level 1-35)
(Level 35-65)
(Level 65-80)
(Level 80-100)
(Level 100-135)

Novice (Level 1-35)

Before starting, you should know the following settings:
1. You can't PK players in Cronus, Elven City, the Misty Marsh or Gobi Desert.
2. You also can't be PKed in those 4 maps.

You will start your journey from Cronus City, where you'll learn the basic game operations and actions. You can claim a Courage Potion from the Mission Promulgator, Heims (285,554). It gives you full HP and MP immediately after being used. You can also accept the tutorial quest from him. Don't forget to pay a visit to Shelley (275,381) to find a good mentor! Talk with your mentor and ask if they are willing to show you around a little!

Accumulate your Vigor
Vigor is required to carry out a Sacrifice.

Every time you kill a monster, you can obtain Vigor from it. The amount of Vigor you can receive depends on the EXP you obtained from killing the monster. There are ways to accumulate more Vigor:
1. Use a Double EXP Potion and take part in the events which give you multiple EXP
2. Embed more Sapphires in your equipment.
3. When you are blessed, you will gain 20% extra EXP from killing monsters.
4. Other items or states which bring bonus EXP. For example, teaming up with a player who is using a Double EXP Potion.

Close Fellow - Blood Soul
Vampires default to permanently converge with a Eudemon, which is called a Blood Soul. It's untradable and can't be dismissed. To keep the balance between classes, Vampires can only summon another Eudemon in hunting maps. (They can summon 2 in the Market.) If the Vampire has completed the quest "Summon 3rd Eudemons", they can summon another 2 Eudemons in hunting maps.

The Sacrifice is the only way to upgrade the star of the Blood Soul. There are 8 Sacrifice methods.

Pneuma Sacrifice
Pneuma level will increase by 1
One of the attributes (Min P-Atk GR, Max P-Atk GR, Def GR, or M-def GR) will be improved.
Blood Soul's Star Level will improve

Generally, it takes 1 hour to carry out the Pneuma Sacrifice. Anyway, but Vampire players can stay online for 30 minutes or cast the skill "Soul Touch" to obtain a heightened state. If so, Pneuma increases 5 times as fast as normal and it only takes 12 minutes to carry out the Pneuma Sacrifice!

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