Beginner's Guide - Warrior (Newbie)

Eudemons Online Beginner's Guide

Welcome to magical, mysterious Yartland, where Eudemons fight alongside their masters and, at every turn, you are forced to decide the fate of friend and foe. Agelishi, King of the Four Seas , is in need of warriors such as yourself. Will you take up the sword or the staff to vanquish these relentless demons that endlessly try to usurp the peace of Agelishi's royal court?

The call to arms has been sounded from the ancestral clarion. Many have taken up arms pledging to never give in lest their lives are taken of the whole of Yartland be free once more. The battle rages on in the wind swept deserts, the snow blown ice fields, and in lava oozing volcanoes of the West. Our enemy is relentless and strong but heroes are joining the fight each day. Will you help to restore peace in Yartland?

First, please note that Eudemons Online is a game requiring extensive cooperation. The Team System, Mentor System, Legion System and Family System are all set up to aid in corporative game play. Join a family and get a mentor as soon as possible in order to fully maximize interactive game play.

Without new recruits such as you we could never vanquish the enemy. So join the battle young page, young magician and soon you will be a wizened wizard or a fearless knight leading others into battle for the victory of Yartland.

Newbie (Level 1-35)

Prior to reaching Level 35, you can enjoy the following:
1. immunity form PK in Cronus, Misty Marsh or the Gobi Desert , however, nor are you allowed to PK in those places yourself.
2. There are new player quests for players level 30 or below, and the new player guide system will help you to pick up the game.

You will start in the city of Cronus where you'll learn the basic controls of the game. In your inventory, you'll find a gift for new players and three 3 HP (Health Potion) vials. Complete the quests contained in the gift package and you'll soon reach level 30. You will also receive God's Blessing, which will help you out in nearly every aspect of the game. With God's Blessing, you can enjoy 14 benefits, including entering the Offline Training Ground for free, gaining 20% extra experience from killing monsters, and so on. If you're not eager to level up, you can do some exploring by using the navigation function available in the top left hand corner of the screen, without fear of getting lost. You can also obtain the courage potion from Mission Promulgator Heims (285,554), which gives you full HP and MP immediately after being used. If you continue to talk to him, you can receive a tutorial quest. Remember to visit Shelley (275,381) in order to find a suitable mentor. Talk with your mentor to see whether he/she has the time to tutor you.

You'll have reached level 3 by killing some MadBulls at the city gate. And you'll have acquired your first XP skill, Cleave. When the XP bar is full, click the skill icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This will allow you to use the XP skill. With your level quickly increasing, the name of the MadBulls will turn green and you won't be able to gain any experience points from killing them. Begin attacking red named monsters like GreenGiants, Bullywugs or Gnomes which will all help you to level up. But do avoid black named monsters because they are too powerful to you.

When you have reached level 10, you can combine with your Eudemon to enhance your fighting ability. Fight Dragonkins at the Evil Altar until you have reached level 15. While training, if you get a Eudemon egg from a monster, you can put it in the hatchery and after one hour, you will hatch a new Eudemon.

You can purchase Town Portal scrolls which allow you to return to the city, better equipment, various potions, or Random Portal scrolls with money collected from the monsters. Store your remaining money and gems in a warehouse. Also, do not forget to learn skills for yourself and your Eudemons.

Get everything ready, before entering the Elven City on foot or via a teleport (you can use the teleport after reaching level 15). Leave the city and fight some Green Devils or Eyeballs in the Misty Marsh. You can evolve your Eudemon at level 20 and when your character reaches level 20, you can kill Banshees in the Stele Pool, then Ogres in the Wind Harbor until you reach level 25. At this point you should go back to the Elven City and buy some additional skills. The teleporter in the ElvenCity will teleport you to the Gobi Desert if you are ready for more challenging monsters.

The Sand City in the desert is wild and rough. This is different from Cronus and the Elven City . Familiarize yourself with the locations of the NPCs, and then you can go out of the city. If you want to level up quickly, you'd better team up with other players and have a mentor. Additionally, if your Eudemon is a mage, its WindBeads skill will help you level up quickly. You can buy WindBeads at the grocery in Cronu. Form or join a team with many members, and find a mentor if you don't have one. Level your character to level 30 and then return to the Elven City to learn your second XP skill Berserker.

How to revive a Eudemon after it has died: Firstly, summon your dead Eudemon, then begin killing monsters, the souls of the dead monsters will be absorbed by the Eudemon. When your Eudemon's yellow bar is filled your Eudemon will relive.

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