Paladin Introduction


are the newest (and very anticipated) class that
specializes in both Warrior and Mage attacks, as well as
status-affecting moves such as Falter (decreases damage
taken from an opponent) and Snare (disables jumping).
Paladins have the ability to fly with help from their
Lancelot (a pixie), and resurrect dead pets or players.
Paladins are limited by MP and Soul (a gauge exclusive
to the paladin class that limits how much Status
attacks/Resurrect/Resurgence can be used). However,
Paladins are mostly support characters and without pets,
their offensive attacks will not be as effective on single
targets or on PKing. Their most powerful single-target
attack, Spear Ring Flare, is nowhere as powerful as a
Mage's Thunder or a Warrior's Chain Chop. Still, they are
excellent characters to have if they have a strong Eudemon to
do the PKing for them, and their status attacks can be
extremely frustrating for an opponent to handle.

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