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About PPs

What is PP?

PPs are just like EPs, which are used to buy all sorts of items in the Shopping Mall, except for those "EP ONLY" items. Items bought with PP are all with a "[B]"(bound) at the end, and are all untradeable (not even between business partners), auctioned, swapped or exchanged for crystals. And it will disappear after it's dropped.

What can PPs do?

  1. Buy items from the Shopping Mall.
  2. Buy super Eudemon books from the Eudemon Book interface.
  3. Castle Building
  4. Super Rebirth
  5. If you have Privilege Pack, you can use PPs to buy some of the "EP ONLY" items from the pack.

How to get PPs?

You can get PPs from monsters during "PP Drop" event time, or from some other exciting events each month. Click here to check out the latest events.


  1. PPs can't be traded.
  2. Gems bought with PP can't be combined into super ones.
  3. PPs can't be used in the following conditions either: buying items from the booth, purchase the booth, lottery, make contributions to the legion, and buy eudemons from the Eudemons Purchase Platform.