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Rainbow Neverland

It said that there is an hidden place called Rainbow Neverland where is regarded as a best place for treasuring hunting for Cronus heroes. Luckily, this place has been discovered.

1. Now, you can go to Rainbow Neverland by Rainbow Envoy Ezeela(Cronus, 348 419).


2. Rainbow Neverland is opened for all players. You can claim free Holy Ghost Book or purchase Lv.1 - Lv.9 Seal Scroll at Lassalle


a)Claim 5 free Holy Ghost Book every day.


b)Purchase Seal Scroll



3. You can go to treasure hidden place by two ways.

a) If you have already got Holy Ghost Books or purchase Lv.1 - Lv.8 Seal Scrolls, right click item and you will get to treasure sealed point by pathfinding.


b) You can also go to sealed point by different portal. (You can choose any kinds of portal because any of them can take you to Treasure Seal Location). Meanwhile, after finishing treasure hunting, you can back to Lassalle by portal.

4.Player can use Seal Scroll or Holy Ghost Book to remove seal.

a)Click Treasure Seal Location

b)Choose related choice to remove seal.


5.You have chance to get amazing reward.


6.Right click your reward to gain EPs!


7. What`s more, when you use Lv.9 Seal Scroll, you can chance to get Key Crystals which can let you win more valuable prize!(You can also sell it by 10000 EPs)


a)Right click Key Crystals, you can get different level keys by using them and open the back room. Defeat the spirit in the backroom to get better reward. Higher level key you use, more valuable treasure you can get.


b)After get backroom key, right click to use. Then you will enter backroom.


c)Kill the monster in the backroom in 3 minutes and you will get the treasure box.


d)Open the treasure box, you will get wonderful reward! After that, you will be transferred out of the room.