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About EPs

About EPs What is EPs?

EPs are used in Eudemons Online as special dummy coins to purchase rare items, garments in Shopping Mall and enter the lottery center (28EPs for each entry). Its full name is: Eudemons Points.

How to get EPs?

There are 2 ways to Obtain Eudemons Points:

1. Purchase TQ Point cards from the site, credit the cards and claim Eudemons Points in the game.
Here are three necessary steps to do that:
Step 1. Purchase TQ Point Cards
We have different payment solutions for the players from different countries. Please refer to our purchase page to select the most convenient payment method for you.
Step 2. Credit TQ Point Cards

Credit TQ Point Cards
TQ Point Card A = 680 Eudemons Points
TQ Point Card B = 1380 Eudemons Points
Step 3: Claim Eudemons Points in the game.

You have two ways to claim EPs:

a. You can Find the Eudemon Code Keeper (Market, 289 476) to claim EPs. You can claim one TQ Point Card credited per time.

b. Click Claim EP button, which is near the Shopping Mall button. All of your TQ Point cards will be claimed once.

2. Trade with other players or vend your items at Eudemons Points in the game.

3. Online Events & Quests
  1. Daily Quest - The Treasuries: The work shop will be open at 20:00 every day. You'll get a great amount of EPs by doing the quest!
  2. Babel Tower – The gate to the treasure tower is unsealed! Open it yourself!
  3. Legion Snowman - Have a little snow fun and gain generous rewards of EPs.
4. Offline Events
Earn Free EPs by Reporting Bugs and Errors in Game! - Every confirmed mistake will get you 5 EPs as reward!

5. Exchange Shells for EPs & PPs - Users can convert the points they gained in various 91 Community channels into shells in the 91 Shell Center and exchange them for EPs or PPs!

Ways to Get Shells:
  1. Official forum: Post threads to earn shells.
  2. Screenshot Center & Photo Center: Upload game screenshots, fan art or personal photos to earn shells.
  3. Q&A Center. Ask or answers questions to earn Shells
  4. Submit Article or join the Journalists Team to earn Shells.
  5. Participate in the management of the 91 Community to obtain shells.
  6. Complete your profile in the 91 User Center to win 1 Shell immediately! (Note: Character level must be at least 50)