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What are skills? What are XP skills?
Skills are what you learn to kill monsters or PK other players in game. Each class has its own special skills.

The XP skills introduce exciting fighting experience into online games. You can turn the tables at once if you master XP skills. XP skills' astonishing power and extremely glorious light effect will give you a double enjoyment.

How to learn skills? How to learn XP skills?
You can buy skill books from groceries in the market or obtain skill books by doing quests. Please right click the skill book in your inventory to learn it.

As the same with other common skills, you need skill books to learn XP skills. All the XP skill books can be obtained at the groceries.

How to use skills?
Open the Skill Interface (ctrl+S) you can see what skill(s) you have learned. There are three types of skills: active skills, passive skills and XP skills.

The active skill icon is alight. Left click on the icon and put it in the skill column at the bottom of the screen, and then click the corresponding hotkey to use the skill.

The Passive skill can be cast automatically when you are fighting. The higher the skill's level is, the more chances you have to cast it with more power.

When the XP bar is full, a light effect will appear indicating that you can use your XP skill, just click the icon to select an XP skill and right click to use it.

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