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Prior to reaching Level 35, you can enjoy the following:
1. Immunity form PK in Cronus, Misty Marsh or the Gobi Desert , however, nor are you allowed to PK in those places yourself.
2. There are new player quests for players level 30 or below, and the new player guide system will help you to pick up the game.

My First Time:
First Combat
First Eudemon Operation
First Pot of Gold
First Forging
First PK
First Using of XP Skills
Legion Creation
Family Creation
Warrior: Beginner (Level 35-65)
Mage: Beginner (Level 35-65)
Paladin: Beginner (Level 35-65)
1. If there is a level number over a mob's head, the mob is a boss. Kill it and it may drop quality equipment or valuable gems.
2. You can participate in a PK Tournament at 21:30 p.m. every Saturday. Champions will receive prizes, and all the participants will obtain experience.
Warrior: Advancer (Level 65-80)
Mage: Advancer (Level 65-80)
Paladin: Advancer (Level 65-80)
You can go to Avita Island via the Teleporter Pamela (286,430) or Minnie (323,416) in Cronus City if you have reached level 70.
Warrior: Controller (Level 80-100)
Mage: Controller (Level 80-100)
Paladin: Controller (Level 80-100)
Want to improve your strength and skills? Wondering if you are the best of the best? The PK tournament will offer you the opportunity to prove yourself. Now you can defeat your opponents, gain recognition and win prizes during each weekly and monthly tournament.
Warrior: Instructor (Level 100-139)
Mage: Instructor (Level 100-139)
Paladin: Instructor (Level 100-139)

At the height of your level, you may have created your own legion, or perhaps you are assuming an important role within a legion and you are fighting hard for the honor of your legion.
Or maybe you are the head of a family. You and your family members are taking possession of a territory in YartLand.
Or perhaps you are a man/woman of wisdom. You are here to solve problems and help those around you to achieve their dreams.
Or you may be a king/queen that owns castles and demands the respect from all your subjects.
Or maybe you are a Mentor with lots of apprentices; or perhaps still you are a powerful knight. Whatever path you choose, we wish you good luck and happy hunting.

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