Double Exp Time - Good Appetite

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Explosive Power Battle Skill Good Appetite

Duration Anytime
Reward Supreme Pizza
Eat it to get 1 hour's double EXP time and 4-hour God's Blessing
Eater Medal
A golden medal for the big eater.
Requirement Level 50+
Limitation Once a day
Location Drill Ground
Key Items Mega Food Sack
A food sack. Open to get 8 Roast Chickens, 7 Vanilla Pies, and 5 Fruit Juices.
Fruit Juice
50% chance to get an extra one after you drink it. Unable to eat for 10 seconds if you eat 3 of them continuously.
Vanilla Pie
20% chance to burn your mouth, making you unable to eat for 10 seconds. Eat 3 of them consecutively and you will get an extra one.
Roast Chicken
Unable to eat for 30 seconds if you eat two of them in a row. 50% chance to choke you, making you unable to eat for 20 seconds.
Key NPC Sodar (Cronus 249,488)
Morgan (Drill Ground 83,96)
Bob (Drill Ground 57,53)

Brief Walkthrough
1. Find Missionary Sodar to enter the Drill Ground.
2. Ask Morgan about the rules of the Good Appetite Test, and then you will be led to Big Eater Bob.
3. Claim a Mega Food Sack from Bob and eat all the food in the sack within 2 minutes.
4. If you pass the test, Bob will give you a Supreme Pizza. Eat it to gain 1 hour double experience time and 4-hour God's Blessing.

Detailed Walkthrough
Want to gain double experience and level up quickly? Pass the tests of Good Appetite, Battle Skill and Explosive Power in the Drill Ground; you can do it! Talk with Sodar in the market, select "I want more double experience time" to enter the Drill Ground.

If you don't know where Bob is, just ask Morgan. He will lead you there. Claim a Mega Food Sack from Bob, which contains 8 Roast Chickens, 7 Vanilla Pies, and 5 Fruit Juices. You need to eat them all within 2 minutes.

Before eating, you need to know some tips. For example, if you eat 2 of the Roast Chicken in a row, you will be unable to eat for 30 seconds. And every chicken will have a 50% chance of choking you, making you unable to eat for 20 seconds. If you choke, drink a bottle of Fruit Juice.

You are a real big eater! You don't know the meaning of the word full. Now ask Bob for the Supreme Pizza. If you take the shortest time to finish the test, you will get an Eater Medal and your name will be recorded in the rankings.

Eat the pizza and you will get 1 hour double exp time and 4-hour God's Blessing. Now start your hunting.

  1. After eating the pizza, a visual effect will appear around you.
  2. The double exp effect can't be shared among a team.
  3. The double exp effect will be cancelled if you stepped into some traps.

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