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5x EXP - Vampire's Rebirth

Vampire's Rebirth Blood Sacrifice


Duration Dec. 6th - Dec. 22nd, 2017
Rewards Vampire`s Rebirth Vampire`s Rebirth Delicate Moonlight Dress
A delicate dress from the vampire family with  5x EXP effect for an hour.
Vampire`s Rebirth 5x Vampire Elite
Right click to get 1 more hour of 5x EXP, when used with the Delicate Moonlight Dress.
Frequency Once a day
Location Cronus
Key Item Vampire`s Rebirth Dark Hoe
Durability: 10/10. Right click to dig at the Black Mist Gravestone. It costs 1 point of durability after you dig once.
Key NPC Grave keeper Gordon(Cronus 274,382)
Eternal Fire (Cronus 280,380)

Brief Walkthrough

1. Find Gravekeeper Gordon (Cronus 274,382) to accept the quest and claim the dark hoe.
2. Use the Dark Hoe to dig up the grave soil at any Black Mist gravestone. The Dark Hoe's durability will be reduced by one point after each use.
3. Take the grave soil and burn it with the Eternal Fire for 3-7 seconds. It's the only way to break the seal and recover the Vampire Ashes.
4. Give the Vampire Ashes and 1,000 gold to Gordon, and wait for one minute to claim the reward.
5. You will receive the Delicate Moonlight Dress or a 5x Vampire Elite as reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

Gordon is the gravekeeper of the Black Mist Tombs. If you help the Domingo family of vampires, you will get a reward from him.
Claim the Dark Hoe from Gravekeeper Gordon (Cronus 274,382).

Right click the Dark Hoe to look for any Black Mist gravestones, then dig up the grave soil

Vampire`s Rebirth

Right click the grave soil and find the Eternal Fire, which you'll use to burn the soil for 3-7 seconds. If the time is more than 7 seconds, the grave soil will be destroyed. If you've burned it for less than 3 seconds, it will become a broken clump of ordinary mud.

Vampire`s Rebirth

After successfully burning the soil, you will sift through the remainder and find either useless common ashes or useful Vampire Ashes!

Vampire`s Rebirth

Vampire`s Rebirth

Give the Vampire Ashes and 1,000 gold to Gordon within 5 minutes, and wait for one minute to claim your reward!

Vampire`s Rebirth Vampire`s Rebirth