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Summer Hits - Blazing Auction

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Time 1st Round:
Jul. 7th - Aug. 7th, Claim on Aug. 8th - 14th.
2nd Round:
Aug. 15th - Sep. 7th, Claim on Sep. 8th - 14th.
Rewards Super Moon Box, Miracle Light, Super Amber, Icy Princess/Darknight Duke, Super Citrine Warrior Lulu/Mage Dodo, Thunder Rabbit/Moonlight Rabbit, Jazzy Rabbit/Rabbit Lori
Level Requirement None
Frequency Each player can be the highest bidder of only an item or Eudemon.
Location Summer Park
Key Item None
NPCs Super Moon Box Auctioneer
Summer Park (128,154)

Miracle Light Auctioneer
Summer Park (128,180)

Super Amber Auctioneer
Summer Park (128,169)

Darknight/Icy Auctioneer
Summer Park (128,130)

Super Citrine Auctioneer
Summer Park (128,141)

Lulu/Dodo Auctioneer
Summer Park (110,158), (110,155)

Thunder/Moonlight Auctioneer
Summer Park (110,175), (110,172)

Jazzy/Lori Auctioneer
Summer Park (110,134), (110,131)


1. From Jul. 7th - Sep. 14th, when you swap Sunny Coins for prizes or directly use the coins, you will gain points. Collect enough points and use them to bid on auctions. You maybe win a rare Eudemon, Super Moon Box, Super Gem or special Garment!
2. Claim your winning in time (before 24:00, Aug. 14th or Sep. 14th).


1. Happy summer vocation! You're invited to join in the Blazing Auction, where you may win a splendid prize!

Blazing Auction

2. Are you excited? Use your points to bid on one of the items!

Blazing Auction

3. How to get points? You can receive Sunny Coins by participating in events. When you swap Sunny Coins for prizes or directly use the coins, you will gain points. The more points you have, the better chance you will win the auction.

Blazing Auction

4. You need to always pay attention even though you're the highest bidder, because other players may place a higher bidder at any time. So, you'd better try your best to win more points and bid again.

5. If your bid is the highest when the auction ends at 24:00 on Aug. 7th or Sep. 7th, you can take the winning!

6. You can be the highest bidder of only ONE item or Eudemon. You can't place another bid while you are already bidding on an item.

7. Please make sure you claim the winning in time. Otherwise, it will be cleared!