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Summer Hits - Party Crashers

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Time: Jul. 7th - Sep. 14th
Common Field: 18:00 - 22:00, every night
VIP Field: 24 hours. Use Chances on the VIP Card to enter.
Rewards: Roses, Celebration Cards, Red Stone, Red Stone Pack, Universal XO, Divine Jewel, Lunar Jewel, Starlit Jewel, etc.
Requirement: Level 50 or above
Frequency: 3 Chances for the VIP Field, every day. You can earn more Chances from the “Black Jack”.
Location: Beach Resort
Key Item: Party Crashers
Summer Invitation
You're invited to join in the Summer Hits! Right click to read.

Party Crashers
Summer VIP Card
Issued by the Summer Park. It records how many times you participate in the events.


Key NPCs: Sunny Belle Lesley
(Cronus City 311, 405), (Summer Park 253,253)
Introduce the game and teleport you to the Summer Park.
Mr. Rio
(Summer Park 206,264)
Introduce game rule. You can check your score and claim your reward from him.

Knight Saens
(Beach Resort 49,58)
Give you a mark according to your performance.

(Summer Park 247,255)
Exchange the Sunny Coins for presents with him.


1. On Jul. 7th - Sep. 14th, talk to Sunny Belle Lesley (311, 405) in the Cronus City. She will send you to the Summer Park where various events are going-on.
2. Talk to Mr. Rio (206,264) in the Summer Park for details of the "Party Crashers".
3. It costs 1 Chance from your Summer VIP Card to enter the VIP Field, where you can get 10 times profits more than that from the Common Field. Choose which field you want to enter.
4. Mr. Rio will send you to see Knight Saens (49,58) in the Beach Resort. Saens tells you a horde of real monsters have snuck into the party. For security, he wants you to find and clean them.
5. Every once in a while, Saens will distinguish the real monster from the normal guests. Go slay the monsters according to Saens's order. Your correct rate will affect your score.
6. After the party, go check your score with Mr. Rio and claim your rewards.


Mr. Rio is preparing a special costume party to heat this summer. There, gentlemen and ladies will dress up as scary monsters and party down! But oh no! A horde of real monsters have snuck in and planned to crash the party!

For security and peace, Mr. Rio invites you to the party to deal with those bad monsters.

Party Crashers

Before accepting Mr. Rio's invitation, you need to decide which field to enter, the Common Field or the VIP Field.
For the Common Field, you just need to come and join at 18:00 - 22:00, every night. As for the VIP field, it requires a Summer VIP Card to enter. Each time when you join, 1 Chance will be deducted from your card. But if you know the profit that you can get from the VIP Field is 10 times more than that from the Common Field, you will think any pay is worth it.

Party Crashers

Great! You're wise to choose the VIP Field.
Hurry up to see Knight Saens in the Beach Resort! He'll tell you how things going on.

Party Crashers

It seems the situation isn't too bad. All of the monsters have been attracted by the crazy party and forgot their plan, temporarily. Since that, why not go strike first and take advantages?
Now, action! Saens has identified the named "Snow Raptor" is a real monster. Go find it and let it disappear from the party!

Party Crashers

"Slow Raptor"? No! Aha, isn't that "Snow Raptor" over there? Go Kill him!

In the following actions, you became more careful and hurt no more innocent guests. Your patience and good sense received tons of praises from guests, including Saen.

Party Crashers

Party Crashers

Finally, you cleaned out all monsters from the party. Though Saens told you there might be another group of monsters infiltrate the party later, it is a problem later. So, what you need to do now? Go check your final score with Mr. Rio!

Wow, you got an A grade! Obviously, Mr. Rio and Saen are happy with your performance. Here are 45 Sunny Coins you deserved!

Party Crashers

Let's count how many coins you have earned. 10,100, 200… Aha, it's really a great harvest! Hurry up and go exchange for your favorite presents from Wade in the Summer Park!

Party Crashers