Halloween - PUMPKIN Drop

Attentions, Heroes of Cronus!

Halloween is coming. We're going to get into the spirit this Friday! The Halloween PUMPKIN Drop will be held on Oct. 25th - Nov. 11th. Only players of level 90 and above can collect the PUMPKIN letters to swap for free Candy Packs! Hurry up leveling if you're not qualified enough!

1. Mosters will drop "P,U,M,K,I,N" letters during the event time. Collect the letters, and make it to a "PUMPKIN", then you can go find Uncle Candy, Weber, to swap for a Candy Pack.

2. There are 3 kinds of Candy Pack, you'll randomly get one.

Pack Name
Items Inside
Witch Candy Pack
Refined Amber
Refined Citrine
Refined Sapphire
Red Stone
Yellow Stone
Ghost Candy Pack
Universal O[B]
Saint O[B]
Universal XO[B]
Eudemon Crystal[B]
Eudemon Clover[B]
Pumpkin Candy Pack
30-star SaintXO Shard +3
80 PPs
Warrior Easton[New]
Aurora Violet[New]
God Tear[B]

3. Each character can swap 10 times a day.

4. You can purchase a Almighty Letter Card from Weber to replace any letter, if you cannot collect all the letters from mosters. (50 EPs each. After Nov. 11th, If you still got the Almighty Letter Card in your Inventory, right click to get refund.)