Hunting Season - Pheasant Hunter

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August 5th - 28th, 2013


Luna Blessing Pack


Level 100+ heroes who are able to summon 3 Eudemons.


10 times in a day


Wild Zone

Key Items:

Wild Ring

Binks Wine 

Key NPCs:

Edward (CronusCity 194,605)
Pual (WildZone 306,275)
Carey (WildZone Unknown)



1. From August 5th - 28th, all Level 100+ heroes who are able to summon 3 Eudemons can enter the Wild Zone at Edward (CronusCity 194,605).

2. Talk to Paul (WildZone 306,275), and take the "Pheasant Hunter" quest he assigned to you.

3. You can choose an event you like to join if you bring Paul a bottle of Binks Wine (Carey has the wine for sale. You may find him in the woods, near the lake, outside the Mole Zone or some other places.).

4. Go to the Grass Zone with the Wild Ring that Paul gave you, and hunt a certain amount of Pheasants. The faster you finish the quest, the more Hunting Points you'll be rewarded.

5. Claim your reward from Paul after you finish the quest.