Cronus Carnival - Demon Treasure

Treasure Maze Demon Treasure Mount Race Glory Colosseo



Jun. 1st - 8th, 2018


Carnival Coin (Use it to exchange for rewards with Carnival Manager Fredrick during Jun. 1st - 8th.)

Lucky Fortune Pack (Open to get 100,000 Gold.)

Super Fortune Pack (Open to get 500,000 Gold.)

Dream Fortune Pack (Open to get 1,000,000 Gold.)

Ancient Fortune Crystal (Open to get 138,000,000 Gold.)

Lots of EXP and Blessings.





Key Items:

Primary Seal Gem

Medium Seal Gem

Senior Seal Gem

Key NPCs:

Fredrick, Carnival Manager (Cronus 326,420)
Anthony, Gem Merchant(Cronus 322,420)



1. During Cronus Carnival, talk to Fredrick(326,420) to learn about Demon Treasure!

2. Heroes can spend Gold to buy different Seal Gems from Anthony(322,420).

3. Summon the demons from the gems, and defeat them to get demon treasures.
Note: Find a quiet place to summon the demons.

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