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Cronus Carnival - Glory Colosseo

Treasure Maze Demon Treasure Mount Race Glory Colosseo



21:00-22:00 June. 1st - 8th  2018


Carnival Coin (Use it to exchange for rewards with Carnival Manager Fredrick during June. 1st - 8th.)


Level 50 or above

Frequency: 6 rounds per day


Glory Colosseo

Key NPCs:

Fredrick, Carnival Manager (Cronus 326,420)
Thomas, Colosseo Manager (Glory Colosseo 121,131)
Orlando (Glory Colosseo 128,131)
Leon (Glory Colosseo 135,131)
Albert (Glory Colosseo 142,131)



1. During Cronus Carnival, talk to Fredrick(314,409) to enter Glory Colosseo, and then find Thomas(121,131) to learn about the details.

2. Matches between heroes and beasts will be held for 6 rounds during 21:00-22:00. You can use the Carnival Coins to bet on the matches or even prove your strength on the ground!
Note: The Carnival Coins you bet and win will be cleared at 24:00. Don't forget to claim.

3. Find the Colosseo Registrars to bet on the results. Each match lasts 4 minutes. The mantissa of the time spent determines whether you win the Carnival Coins or not. If the mantissa of the time spent is the same with your number, you'll get 10 times Carnival Coins.

4. You can claim your reward or get back half of the Carnival Coins you bet with 5 minutes before a match starts, or between the end of all matches and 24:00.