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Cronus Carnival - Treasure Maze

Treasure Maze Demon Treasure Mount Race Glory Colosseo



19:00-19:50 on Jun. 1st - 8th, 2018


Carnival Coin (Use it to exchange for rewards with Carnival Manager Fredrick during Jun. 1st - 8tht.)

Maze Bag (Open it to get gifts before June 11th)


Level 50 or above

Frequency: Once a day


Sam's Garden

Key Items:

Maze Guide

Key NPCs:

Fredrick, Carnival Manager (Cronus 326,420)
Lenna, Maze Manager (Mystic Maze 328,487)



1. Talk to Fredrick(314,408) in Cronus during Jun. 1st - 8th. He'll guide you to Mystic Maze to find treasures.

2. You'll get a Maze Guide when you enter the Mystic Maze. Right click to learn the detail of your task. Talk to Lenna(328,487) in Mystic Maze to learn more.

3. During 19:00-19:50, lots of treasure boxes will show up in a random place in the maze every 5 minutes. Rush to the required position to get the boxes as soon as possible.
Note: The map on the upper right cornor will be your help.

4. Watch out the roadblocks and other visitors. You may get attacked in the blue zone where the Gold Boxes show up frequently.

5. Open the Gold Boxes and Luck Boxes to get lots of Carnival Coins and more rewards!