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Loot PK Contest


20:00-21:30 on every Friday, from January 3rd, 2014


The 1st hero who sees the Demon Emperor will receive EXP and a Feather Galina.

The 2nd hero who sees the Demon Emperor will receive EXP and a Super Amber.

The 3rd hero who sees the Demon Emperor will receive EXP and a Moon Box.

The 4th- 10th heroes who see the Demon Emperor will receive EXP and Three 12* Universal XOs!

Heroes who open the Demon Emperor Chest will receive corresponding rewards, including 99 Roses and 6* Universal O.




Demon Forest

Key Items:

Ancient Teleport Scroll
Use it inside the Demon Forest every 30 seconds to send you to any place in the Demon Forest.

Hero Chest
10 Hero Chests can be fused into a Demon Emperor Chest.

Demon Emperor Chest
It is fused from 10 Hero Chests. Open to receive the treasure inside!

Key NPCs:

Demon Successor Goos (Cronus 249,504)
Demon Successor Kos (Demon Forest 192,266)
Demon Successor Ans (Demon Forest 511,351)
Demon Emperor Care's Soul (Demon Altar 087,093)



1. Demon Successor Goos in Cronus (249,504) can send you to the Demon Forest from 20:00 to 21:00 on Fridays.

2. Kill the Two-headed Lizard, Armored Dragon or Dark Lizard King to collect Hero Chests. Pay attention to other players around. Don't get yourself killed!

3. Fuse 10 Hero Chests into a Demon Emperor Chest and take it to the Demon Altar circle and stay for 1 minute, the Demon Emperor will appear and give you his Demon Treasures!

4. Only the first 10 heroes can see the Demon Emperor and receive his special treasures! The 1st - 3rd heroes will receive the Demon Prime Treasure, Demon Blood Treasure and Demon Valor Treasure respectively. The 4th -10th heroes will receive the Demon Killer Treasure!

First Prize - Limited Feather Galina

5. The event will end at 21:30.