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Adventure of Ruin Tower


20:00-20:30 & 21:00-21:30 on Every Mondays and Friday
(Starts from Apr. 18th, 2014)


Stingy Devil's Pack

Demon's Pack

Dragon's Pack

Gripper's Pack

Terrifying Pack

Storm Pack

Lord's Chest

Bloody Chest

Chaotic Chest

Open the pack/chest to get PPs, Treble EXP, Mithril Crown, Berserk Horn, Violet/Red/Yellow Stone, and more!


Level 50 or above


Two Rounds A Day


Ruin Tower

Key Items:

Devil Crystal
Use it to enter Ruin Tower

Devil Crystal Scrap
Drop from monsters. Combine 5 scraps into a Devil Crystal.

Key NPCs:

Knight Elroy, Explorer (Cronus 284,403)
Conard, Member of Adventure Club (Ruin Tower 685,681)
Hopkins, Member of Adventure Club (Ruin Tower 623,603)
Laurent, Member of Adventure Club (Ruin Tower 526,544)
James, Member of Adventure Club (Ruin Tower 444,463)
Robert, Member of Adventure Club (Ruin Tower 362,383)
Monroe, Member of Adventure Club (Ruin Tower 271,293)
Sainz, Member of Adventure Club (Ruin Tower 202,206)
Gabriel, Member of Adventure Club (Ruin Tower 117,089)



1. If you are Level 50 or above, head to Cronus City and find Knight Elroy (284,403) on every Monday and Friday to learn about the Ruin Tower.

2. Monsters from Cronus, Elven City, Misty Marsh, Gobi Desert, Dark Marsh, Icyland, Island, and Volcano will drop Devil Crystal Scraps in the wild. Collect the scraps, and combine 5 into a Devil Crystal. Give it to Knight Elroy to enter the Ruin Tower. Or just pay him 88 EPs to enter directly.

3. There are altogether 8 floors. Kill all the monsters on the first floor, then you can go to the next floor.

4. It's getting harder to reach the next floor, but rewards are getting even nicer. Strong bosses are waiting on the 6th, 7th, and 8th floor. Only true heroes can make it to the last floor!

Boss of the 6th floor: Lord Winders
Boss of the 7th floor: Gory Queen
Boss of the 8th floor: Chaos Medusa