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Valentine Quest - Blessing of Fireworks

The Wishing Bottles Ther Rose Road Blessing of Fireworks Promise of Roses



 20:30-23:30  Feb. 13th - 16th, 2017


Flame of Love - Combine it with Tide of Love and Scent of Love to get Love Poem.

Blue Night Pack - This beautiful pack is a blessing for lovers on Valentine's Day.

Emerald Love Pack - Open to get a Super Citrine/999 Roses/Divine Jewel, a Purple Plume, and 1-day Starry Hairstyle/Floral Hairpin

Purple Plume - Each 4 Purple Plumes can be composed into a Starry Hairstyle(Male) or a Floral Hairpin(Female)


Level 50 or above


Moon Beach in Star Zone

Key Items:

Pearl Firework

Scale Firework

Blue Crystal Firework

Shell Firework

Key NPCs:

Viola, Blue Night Envoy (Cronus 298,398) (Star Zone 229,241)
Diana, Love Spirit (Star Zone 277,272)



1. If you have reached level 50, go talk to Viola(Cronus 298,398) and enter Star Zone. Find Diana(Star Zone 277,272) to learn about the Blessing of Fireworks.

2. The waves have brought magic fireworks to the Moon Beach: Pearl Firework, Scale Firework, Blue Crystal Firework, and Shell Firework. Set them off during 20:30-23:30 everyday, to get blessing gifts.

3. When the total amount of fireworks set on the beach reaches 88, 288, 588, and 888, everyone on the beach will receive blessing from the sea (Bonus EXP and 1-day God's Blessing).

4. The amount of your fireworks set on the beach reaches 10, 20, and 30, you'll get a Blue Night Pack, or even the Flame of Love (amount reaches 30), which can combine with Tide of Love and Scent of Love, to get Love Poem. Love Poem can be swapped for a Emerald Love Pack.