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Valentine Quest - Promise of Roses

The Wishing Bottles Ther Rose Road Blessing of Fireworks Promise of Roses



Feb. 13th - 16th, 2017


Bouquet of Rose - A bouquet of pink roses with a man's vow of loyal love.

Floral Hairpin - Limited Hairstyle. The romantic purple symbolize a promise for forever love. (Reusable)





Key Items:

Bouquet of Rose - A bouquet of pink roses for your lady.

Key NPCs:

Emmett, Royal Florist (Cronus 297,403)



1. Roses are always the best gift for Valentine's day. The Royal Florist, Emmett has come to Cronus to help gentlemen make the exclusive gift for ladies. Talk to her during Feb. 13th - 16th.

2. Each order of pink roses bouquet takes 2 hours. Order 520 Roses or less will cost you 520 EPs. For more pink roses, Emmett will charge you 1 EP for each additional rose.(A bouquet of 999 roses will cost you 999 EPs.)

3. You'll get a Rose Order Card right after the order. Talk to Emmett again 2 hours later to claim a Luxury Flower Box with the card.

4. Ladies will be surrounded by flying petals and receive a Floral Hairpin (limited hairstyle) with her name embroidered on, even possible top the Pink Roses Ranking. While for gentlemen, the top 10 senders' names will be listed on the Customized Flowers Ranking.

Limited Hairstyle - Floral Hairpin (Reusable)