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Valentine Quest - The Rose Road

The Wishing Bottles Ther Rose Road Blessing of Fireworks Promise of Roses



Feb. 13th - 16th, 2017


Scent of Love - Combine it with the Flame of Love and Tide of Love to get Love Poem.

Blue Night Pack - This beautiful pack is a blessing for lovers on Valentine's Day.

Emerald Love Pack - Open to get a Super Citrine/999 Roses/Divine Jewel, a Purple Plume, and 1-day Starry Hairstyle/Floral Hairpin

Purple Plume - Each 4 Purple Plumes can be composed into a Starry Hairstyle(Male) or a Floral Hairpin(Female)


Level 50 or above


Heart Island in Star Zone

Key Items:

Rosy Crystal - Surrounded by pink light, this crystal can be used to uncover the Rose Road.

Key NPCs:

Viola, Blue Night Envoy (Cronus 298,398)
Cute, Love Envoy (Star Zone 80,98)
Ruth, Love Spirit (Star Zone 209,255)



1. During Feb. 13th - 16th, talk to Viola(Cronus 298,398) to enter Star Zone. Visit Ruth(Star Zone 209,255). She'll help you go to Heart Island to find Cute(80,98).

2. Team up with your beloved(Make sure the team leader is the gentleman). The leader should claim a Rosy Crystal to start the romantic rose trip with your lady.

3. Walkthrough the heart-shaped Rose Road hand-in-hand within 5 minutes to get the Blue Night Pack, and may get the Scent of Love, which can combine withe Flame of Love and Tide of Love, to get Love Poem.

4. Swap Love Poem for a Emerald Love Pack.