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Valentine Quest - The Wishing Bottles

The Wishing Bottles Ther Rose Road Blessing of Fireworks Promise of Roses



Feb. 13th - 16th, 2017


Blue Night Pack - This beautiful pack is a blessing for lovers on Valentine's Day.

Emerald Love Pack - Open to get a Super Citrine/999 Roses/Divine Jewel, a Purple Plume, and 1-day Starry Hairstyle/Floral Hairpin

Purple Plume - Each 4 Purple Plumes can be composed into a Starry Hairstyle(Male) or a Floral Hairpin(Female)

Cupid's Arrow - It keeps the magic to change your body shape. Duation: 1 day.

Cupid's Blessing Bottle - Right click to open it and receive beautiful lights.


Level 50 or above

Frequency: Throw the Wishing Bottle once a day. Search for Mystery Wishing Bottles 10 times a day.


Grace Sea in Star Zone

Key Items:

Tide of Love

Thorny Wishing Bottle

Sealed Wishing Bottle

Mystery Wishing Bottle

Ardent Love Box

Key NPCs:

Viola, Blue Night Envoy (Cronus 298,398) (Star Zone 229,241)
Myrna, Love Girl (Star Zone 318,258)
Float (Star Zone 308,284)



1. Long ago, the Thorny Wishing Bottles were created by a man to contain tears of his beloved. Myrna happened to have those bottles. Go find Myrna to learn about it.

2. Claim a Thorny Wishing Bottle from Myrna, answer the question in the bottle, and throw it to the Grace Sea. People who throws the Wishing Bottle to the Grace Sea will obtain a Blus Night Pack (Throw the Wishing Bottle once a day). If you pick up a Mystery Wishing Bottle while searching the Floats, pick it up, unseal it and answer the question in it. (Search for Mystery Wishing Bottles 10 times a day.)

3. If you give the same answer as the thrower's, you'll receive an Ardent Love Box with the throw's name. Find the thrower and present the Ardent Love Box, both of you can win rich rewards.

Note: It's not always the Mystery Wishing Bottles you can find in the sea, maybe amazing treasures sometimes.